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5 min readMar 13, 2021

We have finished the Telegram AMA with Softblc Platform founder Luis Fraga on March 13th. Thank you for your participation and support. The following is the summary of the AMA.

Q1: After sale what is your plan? list the token on uniswap? anything else?
As you will know, we have chosen the ILO for Unicrypto, precisely due to the great benefit it brings to the cryptographic community, which is an automatic and secure liquidity lock for investors in Uniswap.
We will be blocking 60% liquidity in Uniswap, after that we will proceed to the listing in some centralized exchanges that we have been in contact with.

Q2: What problem you try to solve, and how?
One of the main problems in the entire crypto market is that there are few projects that offer a business opportunity for all investors alike. Softblc has a business model that will allow any SBP token holder to become an affiliate partner and customize their own online casino.
On the other hand and aiming for the benefit of small investors, it should only be a token holder under your own custody. You will not pay for services far from it. As the custodian of your tokens, you decide when to start customizing your own casino and when to cancel your online casino.

Q3: Who will develop the online casino? Or will your platform connect to any casino?
The Casino Madre so to call it from Softblc will be developed by 100% legal and prestigious companies in the online casino industry. For this reason, it will have security, transparency and legality records in the algorithms for the distribution of prizes for the players. As it is an international company, we will reveal its name once we begin all the development that we intend to do at the end of the token sales.
And we will not accept any other casino, due to transparency, many developer users can develop their games if, but what would happen if said game does not have a guarantee fund for the prizes, the games would not be audited and with it would entail a series of problems.
That is why we will only be integrating our own online casino into our integration platform. With all the guarantees at the international level and guarantee funds for each game that is integrated.

Q4: Will the affiliate partner who wants to have his own casino have to contribute money to the liquidity pool, funds for the games?
This is a NO at all. Affiliate partners must not contribute capital to prize pools. That is why we will be hiring a large multinational in construction of online casinos to develop our mother casino that will support all affiliate partners who decide to have their casino and operate under the license of the mother casino of Softblc.

Q5: When will your platform be launched?
We have already had contact with the manufacturers of the online casinos and the developers who will be building and customizing the necessary functions for the integration of the Softblc platform. We plan if everything in the sale is correct, we could be launching in Summer 2021. The vast majority of the product is developed by expert companies, which would shorten the deadlines.
It all depends on the success of the sales.

Q6: How to become an affiliate partner and have your business in the world of online casinos?
Many times you have wondered how to create an online store without having resources or experience. Then shopify was born, making it easier for users to have their online store.
Now we intend to be born in the online games industry and with greater focus on the trillion dollar market that is online casinos, allowing any holder of SBP tokens native to Softblc Platform to be able to connect to our integration platform and start customizing their own online casino, with some parameters already pre-defined by the entire development team.
Easy, fast and safe.
On the other hand, you should not pay anything, you should only be the Holder of the SBP tokens. When you no longer want to be the owner of your affiliate partner profile, you can sell your tokens and recover the capital invested initially, something that a franchise system in real life would never allow you, which is a refund as such or recover part of the initial investment at the close of your business. We solve this also aiming for the small investor.

Q7: Hello there, i heard your platform will allow investors and sbp holders to own thier own online casino! It sounds interesting but i want to know what kind of tech you’re using? since according to my knowledge owning an online casino will be very expensive 🤔 Also, is it require any development requirement to own my online casino?Thank you team 😊
Hello @Smallwhalebtc Very good question, the casino development technology of course is cutting edge. Because the company in the construction of the mother casino is of international level and extensive experience.
If it does entail high costs, that is why we are doing this ILO, to be able to offer you a category product and not just a simple platform. We seek to offer a platform that can change the lives of many holders so that in a bear market those who are not traders can at least have a business in real life and take advantage of this trillion dollar market.
On the other hand, the costs are not only in the development, it is also in the licenses and audits. We would be based in Curaçao due to the benefits for this sector.

Q8: This project is cool but a few things:
- You should migrate to Binance Smart Chain
- You should be running a Twitter airdrop during your campaign
Hi, thanks so much for the advice, this is just the beginning. We will be migrating to a crosschain blockchain shortly. Initially it has been dedicated to an erc20 tokens due to the demands of some Centralized Exchanges that we will be listing.
Also tell you that we have a bounty campaign in Bitcointalk which has been a success in participations. More to come.
I invite you to read about us on Yahoo Finance.

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