Informative release to the entire Softblc community

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2 min readMar 27, 2021

Informative release to the entire Softblc community. Today the sale in Unicrypt has concluded. As you can see, we have achieved the softcap. So you can withdraw your contributions on the unicrypt website. Withdraw your ETH.
Enter the link:
Connect your wallet that you have used to buy — Click on withdraw ETH.

To those who bought in Bounce — During the course of this week the team will be sending the ETH collected in Bounce to your wallets directly.

The SBP Tokens linked to the Softblc platform will have no value or utility.
The Softblc Platform SBP tokens will be sent to the Token Burning wallet 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Any SBP token that is left unburned is not the responsibility of the platform or the members of this team.

We thank the followers of the Bounty campaign for your participation. We have the database of all the participants and when we launch the project with the functional product, we will develop a new token in a new blockchain and we are going to skip to everyone what has been agreed until today. It is a pity that the project did not reach the softcap there. But we will not meet here. You will know about us very soon.

It should also be noted that this project will be carried out in the future. With our own financing we will make this business model a reality. One thing is that we did not manage to raise funds for its development. And another thing is that the project is canceled.
In the future, the members of the Softblc Platform team will meet for self-financing and be able to demonstrate to all crypto investors a platform with a functional product.

See you soon and thank you very much for trusting both the Softblc project AND the Softblc Team.

We thank you for every minute of your time.

a cordial greeting
dLuis Fraga



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