Important Announcement for all BlockCasino Fans. You must read it.

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2 min readDec 13, 2020

The safest official source of contact at this time is CEO Luis Fraga’s Twitter, follow him.

Hello to all the fans of the BlockCasino project. Today for us has been a black day, since we have suffered a betrayal within the team. The co-founder of BlockCasino, has hijacked the web domain and all the development we have been doing.

The reasons that led him to an irregular domain appropriation of the company — a fraudulent maneuver — is still unknown to us.

We do not want to speculate on the reasons, but we do want to warn that any email sent under the name of our CEO Luis Fraga or any corporate email from Blockcasino. Emails sent from 1st December 2020 must be completely ignored, since our CEO Luis Fraga has not had access to such information.

Points to keep in mind in this release:

BlockCasino has been kidnapped by the co-founder

CEO Luis Fraga does not have access to corporate emails so he does not know if co-founder has been usurping the CEO’s identity for any purpose.

THERE IS NO ONE ECONOMICALLY AFFECTED OTHER THAN BLOCKCASINO’S PRIVATE INVESTORS. The ICO did not take place due to some malicious conditions that co-founder wanted to employ.


CEO Luis Fraga, board of directors and private investors are meeting at this moment in order to find a solution to continue carrying out this project for all of you.

The safest official source of contact at this time is CEO Luis Fraga’s Twitter, follow him and send him a message if he has been the victim of a scam on behalf of the CEO or his corporate email. To be informed of everything that will happen at BlockCasino.

The management team will be looking for the precise solutions for this situation.

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