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10 min readMar 16, 2021

Presentacion Luis Fraga:
Yes, of course, first of all, I would like to thank you for the invitation to participate and explain about Softblc Platform. Also apologize for my English, it is not my native language. My name is Luis Fraga, I am Brazilian / Italian living in Barcelona Spain. Entrepreneur since the age of 15 in ecommerce business models. I came to Spain at the age of 18 on an adventure in search of learning and entrepreneurship. I have been a Crypto investor since 2017. Follow the entire downward market and looking for business alternatives that can facilitate and improve the economy of many investors who are not traders in this market period that is very hard and many of us have lived.

Q1. Can you briefly describe what is SOFTBLC? We would like to know more about it and how it works.
A1- Softblc Platform is the first integration platform that will allow SBP token holders to become an affiliate partner and have their own online casino. Keep in mind that the collection we stipulate is for the development of two products.

1st, the mother Casino of Softblc that will be being developed by a company with a great reputation in the world of online casinos. And that of said mother casino is that it will support the profiles of the affiliated partners in the Softblc integration platform.

2nd Softblc Platform, which is the platform in which SBP token holders must connect and sign with their WEB3, to verify that they have a certain amount of SBP tokens in their wallet in order to have access to the platform and customize their own online casino. Through digital markting, the affiliate partner can bill having benefits regardless of the market circumstances, and especially in a bear market as we have experienced in 2018–19–20 where very few investors are traders and they were unemployed making holdings without having any profitability or right on any project. Done

Q2. What are your main features that distinguish you from other projects and what competitive advantages do you have?
R2- As we have commented on other occasions, some online casino projects in the cryptographic world are only intended to search for players or sell development licenses. Which puts the investor sideways without any benefit other than speculating with a token price. Our advantages is the development of a platform that will allow holders to become an affiliate partner and personalize their own online casino. We dare to say that we intend to become the “Shopify ecommerce store platform” but a platform for ease of personalization of online casinos. Increasing adoption and providing opportunity to new entrepreneurs in the sector, without cost, security and transparency like any Casino of the industry giants.

Q3. Can you tell me more and everyone here about services offered by SOFTBLC?
R3-The services that Softblc Platform will offer to holders will be, above all, the platform where they can easily customize a landpage of their own online casino in different ways. You will also have a Marketing team which will be supporting affiliate partners for the creation of a good Marketing strategy so that your casino can have high profitability in the short term and at low cost. Keep in mind that you should only be a holder so that at any time that the affiliate partner no longer decides to have his affiliate partner profile, said holder can sell the tokens and recover his investment. In this way, by no longer being a holder, the affiliate profile is canceled.

Q4. How about $ SBP, What are its use cases? Can you share to us its tokenomics?
R4- A priori, the biggest use case is that for any investor / entrepreneur who decides to have his own online casino by becoming an affiliate partner, to have SBP tokens in his wallet and not move them while he decides to be in force with his affiliate partner profile and have his custom casino.
On the other hand, we are studying an innovative business model for some crypto game developers. And for this it will have a great impact on the utility of the SBP token, this use case has not been announced yet, it is a star product and we will announce in case of successful sales.

Our metrics:

🔶Total Supply: 150,000,000 SBP

🔶Total Presale: 100,000,000 SBP

🔶 * Total Uniswap Initial Liquidty Pool 41,224,000 SBP

🔶1 ETH = 166.666 SBP

Token distribution

66% tokens go out in unicrypt

27.5% Pool of liqudiez in uniswap

6.5% tokens for Marketing and team.

🔶Softcap 250ETH

🔶Hardcap 600ETH

Link to buy and see metrics on Unicrypt Network

60% of the collection will be locked in Uniswap

40% of the collection is destined to the development of the integration platform and the construction of the mother casino with more than 3000 Games, said casino is developed by a company already existing in the world of online casinos and of great reputation.

There is no seed sale, privatesale. Which there will be no dump of first-time investors.

On the other hand team tokens, marketing and unicrypt fees = 6.5%

The biggest deal for softblc to be profitable is not that the team has tokens like other projects. Our main base is the development of a category product and that is where benefits will come both for the softblc company and for investors. For this reason and seeing the need for a large liquidity pool, we have opened the hand of team tokens to block a greater amount of liquidity in uniswap.

Q5. Could you please provide some progress on your Roadmap and what results SOFTBLC has achieved so far? And any sneak peek into 2021 plans for SOFTBLC?
In our roadmap the main point that we have achieved has been the presentation of the business model to online casino developers that is signed under NDA. so that in case of achieving a successful sale, start the construction process of the Softblc platform and the Mother Casino. In a positive case, in a maximum period of 6 months we could be working 100% and already receiving many investors who become an affiliate partner to personalize their online casino and bill.

Q:6 casinos are a roulette wheel, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project? And how will you gain the trust of many users who have negative thoughts about Blockchain and DeFi?
R6- Our project will demonstrate to the cryptographic market that the development of the casino mother and Softblc Platform will be developed by expert companies in the online casino sector and that it has audits of each game that is implemented, guaranteeing transparency and security. For both investor holders and end players.

Q7- Casino in this case of cryptocurrencies and tokens is defined as an establishment in which the main attraction for people is the varieties of games to bet on. So what are the games and gambling sites that Softblc has available?
R7- Our mother casino Softblc and the services that will be offered will not only be in games of crypto casinos. It will also have traditional online games. The fact is that the affiliate partner can personalize his own casino and seek adoption and attraction for all types of players, being them from the crypto world or outside the crypto market.

We are in the collection stage. Our purpose is not to develop a casino, but a casino and the integration platform that will allow SBP holders to customize their own online business linked to the world of online casinos.

Q8 — Which one of these aspects important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price&Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

R8–4 Application of the association worldwide is one of our important points. Since making partners the rest will be achieved over time.

Q9- Can you tell us what are the benefit from Softblc online Casino than other similar online casino?What is your specialty that other competitor don’t have?
R9- I don’t really think we have competitors to compare to.
Our business model is not to search for players, but to offer the opportunity for holders to customize their own online casino within our platform, simply by being a holder. And due to the structural part of the mother casino that will support the profiles of the affiliated partners, Basically we will have a large company with a huge reputation in the development of online casinos, offering security, transparency and 24/7 support to all players of all casinos linked to those of affiliate partners.
Other online casinos in the crypto world are only made to search for players. Our vision is the opportunity that we intend to give many crypto investors to become entrepreneurs in the online casino sector.

Q10 I am an EXPERIENCED DEVELOPER AND ETHICAL HACKER, do you have plans for HACKATHON so as to check the security of your ecosytem periodically and also invite developers to build?
Q10- I think that thinking about a hackathon right now is still an early stage for us. We do not rule out, but it is not in our short-term plans. On the other hand, if that is in our plan is the development of a platform which if it goes to benefit external developers. Provide the opportunity in this case both to non-developer investors who want to customize their own online casino under the profile of an affiliate partner, and also provide the opportunity to developers of cryptographic online casino games. (This would be a second product) which we are just in the study phase. But it looks

Q11- Can you tell us a little about the decision to carry out the technical and legal development of the Softblc platform in Curaçao? Is there any particular reason?
R11- Curaçao is one of the countries where the largest number of companies in the casino sector are based, both in part of development and in the audit of games. On the other, the tax part in online casino games becomes more favorable for the sector.

Q12 — On their website they mention that cryptographic investors have benefits with the holder system, my question is, if these investors can sell their license to other investors?
R12 — Why would these investors sell the licenses? In such case, these investors who want to invest but do not want to become an affiliate partner to customize their casino, would become speculators, implying that it is very likely that the demand for entrepreneurs wanting to customize their own online casinos will increase.
Another thing will be that you personalize your online casino, your social networks etc etc and want to transfer the right of this affiliated partner to another erc20 wallet. We study these possibilities, since it is very likely that some digital marketing strategists wanted to personalize their casinos and then transfer the right to other wallets. Keep in mind that in the integration platform you would connect through web3 and sign where it would be verified that you are the holder and you would have access to the platform

Q13- On their website it is mentioned that they have over 100 casino providers. Considering that casinos are perfect places for cheating, how does Softblc guarantee the transparency and fairness of the casinos offered through its platform?
R13- The online casino development company that we have NDA, is basically verified and audited by a wide legislation of online casinos. Not all casinos are cheating. In general, large reputable companies are noted for the same, transparency and security in the distribution of prizes.

Q14- When I examine your project and site, I see a great team. Do you think the secret of your success is your team?
The secret of Softblc Platform, beyond having a real team, is that it has a disruptive idea that will really bring benefits and incorporate a possibility for the small entrepreneur to stop being a player and become a Partner to the trillion-dollar market of Online Casinos. Affiliate having their own online casino and bill with it.

Q15- Is there any way to collaborate or work with you? Don’t you have any vacancies at this point?
R15- At this moment we are in the initial stage. We do not rule out in the near future expanding the team and especially for the implementation of a new product linked to Softblc that would also benefit the creators of private and decentralized Games. It would be to incorporate Softblc into the DEFI world, a business model parallel to what we propose today. But we have a wide margin of growth. We intend this to be just the beginning of an ecosystem.

Q16- You say SOFTBLC is located in more than 100 countries with 150 different currencies. How did you achieve this success? What are your most creative features compared to your peers?
Please note that Softblc’s mother casino will be being developed by a major online casino construction provider. Which already has years of experience, partners and legality.
On the other hand, registered online casino companies under the legislation of Curaçao allow casinos to operate in all countries of the world in which online games are not prohibited or that country does not have its own legislation.
In this factor, it allows us a wide range to expand and reach all parts of the world, allowing investors to personalize their own casinos and launch marketing where our mother Softblc Casino License allows to operate.

Q18 -So many Rug Pulls and scam project are nowdays . How can we trust your project and how you are different from others?
Rug Pulls will always exist, it is up to each investor to verify the metrics. Rugbulls usually happen when the team has a large proportion of available tokens in their hands.
In the case of Softblc, the team has 6.5% of team and Marketing tokens. So there is no interest or possibility of a RUG Pulls. Our intention is the development of a project that really has great potential for billing both for the company and for investors who become an affiliate partner. And consequently profit for the speculators.

Final Words by Luis Fraga
I don’t know how many of here are new investors. But as an investor since 2017 I can give you a word of wisdom. Investigate projects with real use cases, and possible adoption. Projects that can really benefit you as an investor, Think that the market also has hard times that are bearmarkets and in this you can benefit in real projects. As in the case of Softblc that would allow you to have your own online casino, regardless of the market situation.
Thank you all very much and may great business opportunities come to all entrepreneurs and crypto investors.

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